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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry College of Natural Sciences – Makerere University

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry, College of Natural Sciences – Makerere University

Established in 1944, the department is one of the oldest in the College and University. Chemistry is a very exciting branch of science. Basically it is about knowing and investigating the structure and reactions of substances of matter. It is a central science bridging many aspects of other sciences, physical and biological, opening a door to many technological developments.

The department offers programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There are three first degree programmes offered by the department: (1) The BSc Chemistry Major programme, (2) the BSc Chemistry Minor Programme, and (3) BSc in Industrial Chemistry Programme. The department also serves students of BSc (Education) from the College of Education and Extension Studies, BSc in Petroleum Geosciences and Production and BSc in Ethno-botany.



Message from Head of Department

John Wasswa, PhD

It is my pleasure to communicate this message about this great Department of Chemistry, at Makerere University. Read More

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