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Research Projects

For several years now the department, through donor agencies and collaborative links with overseas universities, has acquired a number of modern research facilities, including an HPLC, U.V. Spectrophotometer, gas chromatographic equipment, atomic absorption equipment, and plenty of small teaching and research equipments. Members of staff have undertaken a number of research projects and many staff members have published papers in International journals. Among the on-going research projects are:
1. Research on Anthocyanins from Ugandan plants
2. Research on Plant seed oils (Fixed and Essential oils)
3. Research in Environmental chemistry in particular pesticides and other pollutants.
4. Research in natural products of medicinal value.
5. Research involving dyes for textile industries and pharmaceutical industries.
6. Rural Development Projects (Mushroom project and others).
7. Research in the area of pharmaceutical products (e.g. sulphonamides).