Career Opportunities

A word to the prospective students. Why study Chemistry? I suppose this is a most likely pertinent question to be asked by them. First of all, chemistry is a very exciting branch of science. Basically it is about knowing and investigating the structure and reactions of substances of matter. It is a central science bridging many aspects of other sciences, physical and biological, opening a door to many technological developments. Remember it is only the chemist who understands how to change one substance into another based on knowledge of constitution of the building blocks of matter, viz: atoms and molecules, the microparticles of matter.

Chemistry graduates have many more career opportunities than graduates of other degrees. Within their area of specialisation, they can get jobs as;

  1. chemical researchers at university, in government research institutes, and chemical industries
  2. product and process development,
  3. production control, quality control,
  4. plant management in chemical industries.
  5. teaching at secondary schools, universities, and other tertiary institutions.
  6. sales and marketing representatives/managers of chemical and related industries.
  7. By the nature of their training, which demands a lot of logic, our graduates have also found it easy to get jobs outside non-chemical related areas.