Steven Allan Nyanzi

Steven Allan Nyanzi, BSc.,Dip.Educ(Mak), MSc.(UoN), DSc.(Karlsruhe)

Associate Professor

Makerere University, Department of Chemistry


Areas of Specialisation: Environmental Chemistry/Analytical Chemistry/Food Chemistry

Research Interests

• Analytical methods development and quantitative analysis of pesticide residues, heavy metals, inorganics and organics in food and environmental samples

• Environmentally sustainable alternatives to DDT in the fight against Malaria

•Construction of biogas digesters, chemical analysis of bio‐slurry and minimization of ammoniaemissions from biogas digesters.

•Technologies for transformation of animal wastes into high‐demand industrial, pharmaceuticaland agricultural chemicals

• Methods development for monitoring trace air pollutants such as carbon disulfide (CS2), carbon oxysulfide (COS), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and formaldehyde (HCHO)

•Appropriate technologies for value addition to traditional non‐cash crops for boosting rural household incomes

•Pretreatment techniques of agricultural wastes for production of selected biofuels and thermodynamic behavior of these solvents on mixing

•Chemical analysis of animal feeds and human food.