John Wasswa

John Wasswa, BSc.,MSc., PhD(Mak)

Senior Lecturer

Makerere University, Department of Chemistry

Email: or

Areas of Specialisation:Physical Chemistry/ Environmental Science

Research Interests:

  • Applications of colloid chemistry in environmental sciences and industrial process control; colloid-facilitated transport of pollutants in unsaturated porous media.
  • Physical Chemistry: experimental, computational, and theoretical
  • Legacy and emerging chemicals including Persistent Organic Pollutants; environmental properties that influence pesticide movement under different conditions, Sorption/desorption, degradation, bio-remediation and modeling fate in the environment.
  • Has also trained in: environmental impact assessment; environment management/navigation; cleaner production technology; laboratory management; development of sustainable chemical processes for production of biofuels and bio-based chemicals from agricultural waste and non-food biomass.